Smeckledorf Jul 24 @ 10:56pm
Getting tired of all these glitches ( this time in solitude: the winking skeever)
Okay so i'm doing the thieves guild quest where i have to talk to gulum-ei ( don't know if that has anything to do with it but i might as well add all the details) and when i try to enter the winking skeever my game crashes to desktop. Doesn't really need urgent help, i've saved recently and i dont really care about the quest that much but i would like to be able to finish it. So yeah, any help would be appreciated.

And as always, Pece

Love Noah Von Winkleberry
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Asteo600 Jul 24 @ 10:59pm 
You have any mods? Probably something that interferres with the location environment, so the quest can't load properly?
BloodFireIce Jul 24 @ 11:01pm have a mod that changes something there?
Smeckledorf Jul 24 @ 11:04pm 
i dont think i have any mods that change anything in solitude, i have an armour replacing mod but nothing that should affect anything in solitude
Asteo600 Jul 24 @ 11:20pm 
Probably not, but it's worth a try: if you have Nexus Mod Manager, it's gonna be a piece of cake. Just disable the installed mods and see if it works. Enable them again after the quest. If you don't have NMM, you might want to check the mods' files (they should be in Skyrim/data), backup them and uninstall them. Install again after quest if it works.
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Smeckledorf Jul 24 @ 11:25pm 
okay ill try disabling my mods. it'll take a while cause i have like 50 so i'll get back to you
mcbarker69 Jul 24 @ 11:32pm 
Did you run Boss or Loot to sort the loading order of your mods? If not, it might help.
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Smeckledorf Jul 25 @ 12:05am 
Thanks everyone for the helps, Love you all
Gulum-ei is sitting in a flower pot though, but that doesn't matter
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