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Plz Make this a mod or send me a link if its already one
I hate how in tavern how everyone else have a cup and drinks out of it or they are holding food and/or dancing or playing instuments

and how i just sit there and do nothing at all, plz make it so that when you eat you see the food that you eat like if you have a drink in a tankard but still having the effects instantly
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The_Iron_Minotaur Jul 23, 2014 @ 4:06pm 
well what you are asking is a combination of a couple of mods:

first there is the immersive first person mod (which basiclly makes you see well you in first person rather than just a floating of nothingness when you walk or run).

then there is the dovahkiin relaxes too mod (which basically makes your dragonborn act like npcs).

then lastly is LIAT (Lively Inn and Taverns) which makes the taverns and inns come alive

as for an ACTUAL mod that makes your dovahkiin to 'interact' in inns and taverns there doesn't seem to be any just these mods
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jaderive Jul 23, 2014 @ 4:56pm 
That relax mod looks great ^^ from whatching the video, I thing how the basic works, is like a screen saver, after a couple minutes the screensaver starts, with this it seem similar action, after a couple of minutes, your charectar will find something to do depending on where, so @ Op its still good for what your looking for ...!
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