Nod Jul 23 @ 7:43am
Crash on Bethesda logo
Clean uninstall-Reinstall, verified cache. Got an Error code: 80. Rebooted computer, voila! game runs as far as the Bethesda logo and crashes with no code.

Like I said before, no mods... nothing.
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grimus Jul 23 @ 8:34am 
When you decided to do a "clean" re-install of the game did you:
- unsub and delete workshop mods from the DATA section of splash screen.
- deactivate and delete all Nexus and "other" mods from the game.
- delete Local Content via Steam by right clicking on game from Steam Library.
- exit Steam
- delete all files in Steam>Steamapps>Common>Skyrim folder.
- delete all files in Users>(user name)>My Documents>My Games>Skyrim
folder. (copy Saves fiolder to desktop, your saves may not work with the new install because of the mods no longer being active.)
- clean registry
- run anti-virus scan
- turn off the computer, wait a couple mins., restart computer.
- re-install Skyrim from Steam by right clicking on the game icon in your Steam library.
- verify game cache. (its safe to ignore the "1 file..." message.)
- check load order from the DATA section of the splash screen: dawnguard, hearthfires, dragonborn, HR textures 1, 2, 3.
- test game installation with new character.

Video by mickydickybob
Blackwal| Jul 23 @ 8:38am 
That means you're missing a Master File, simple as that. Check your load order, and assuming you really have NO mods, make sure you have the skyrim.esm and update.esm and DLC .esm files ALL ticked. If any single master file is missing, a CTD at Bethesda logo is always confirmed.
Nod Jul 23 @ 9:40am 
Thanks for the tips, I haven't used mods ever so I don't think that's an issue, ill try these out when I get hone tonight. I have noticed one of the secondary installers wouldn't run, something like netDotX or something.
Nod Jul 23 @ 9:40am 
If it is a missing master file, how do I get it back?
Nod Jul 24 @ 7:46am 
Ok... After another Uninstall/Reinstall and it still isn't working, Checked my Load order and Skyrim.esm and Update.esm not only were not ticked but werent even on the list... How do I get them back if Reinstalling the game doesn't work?
Nod Jul 24 @ 8:04am 
After doing some research, it appears the Skyrim.esm and Update.esm no longer show up in Data Files in the Vanilla Launcher... Correct? So i am going to get another load order program and see if i cant find the problem.
Yoink Jul 24 @ 8:13am 
try that ^
Nod Jul 24 @ 8:16am 
After running BOSS, it tells me that a lot of my files have "Dirty edits" and shouls be cleaned, and when I run tests in TESV Edit, Skyrim and Update.esm always start unchecked, and I cant make them stay checked...
Nod Jul 24 @ 8:31am 
After MORE research, I tried deactivating all the DLC, leaving only Skyrim and Update.ESM running and the game still crashed.
Nod Jul 24 @ 8:36am 
When I verifyu the game Cache, it says one file failed and will be reaquired, but isn't ever reaquired... could that be causing the problem?
Blackwal| Jul 24 @ 8:56am 
Dude, just go directly to your Skyrim directory and check from there. Skyrim.esm and Update.esm are never shown in the vanilla game launcher so you cant tell just by looking at it.
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Nod Jul 24 @ 9:00am 
In my Data folder I have Update, Update.bsi, Skyrim, all kinds of Different Skyrim.bsi folders, but I don't have any folders with the file type .esm
Blackwal| Jul 24 @ 9:03am 
Originally posted by Nod:
In my Data folder I have Update, Update.bsi, Skyrim, all kinds of Different Skyrim.bsi folders, but I don't have any folders with the file type .esm
It's in the Data folder. steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data. There should be a Skyrim.esm and Update.esm. What does your load order look like? Posting it here would help
grimus Jul 24 @ 10:34am 
Steam Help Pages: blue text within the linked steam help page will offer further help or information when clicked on.
Verifying Game Cache:
Trouble Shooting Game Crashes:
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Nod Jul 24 @ 10:40am 
Load order on TESV Edit looks like:

Skyrim (Unchecked)
Dawnguard (Checked)
Hearthfire (Checked)
Dragonborn (Checked)

When I check my first two options they go back to being unchecked after closing the program.

Unless the Elder Scrolls Constructions Set files are the .ESM files (In which case it's just not showing as .esm) then I don't have any ESM files in my data directory.

@Grimus, Ill give those a read.
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