gloops Aug 23 @ 12:06pm
I am having trouble downloading mads here ....can anyone help me plz??????
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Anti-Spiral Aug 23 @ 12:11pm 
What exactly are you having trouble with? Downloading the mods themselves or getting them to work in your game?
gloops Aug 24 @ 1:53am 
Hi there my friend! Like most of us I expect, I have mods from both Nexus and the workshop installed. I have just had to completely re install Skyrim, as I was having save game issues.

I have had to re-install all my mods as was expected. I have taken this opportunity to move away from NMM over to the Mod Organiser, which I am finding very cool.

However, the mods I have subscribed to in the workshop are not showing up at all in the 'Skyrim Data Files' window at all! I have unsubscribed all of them and resubscribed them all again no avail???? My Nexus mods are all in there, but not my Workshop ones.

I have started the game and played some of the first inro to Helgen, but still no appearance of ANY of the mods mate??????
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