Mike Shadow Aug 21, 2014 @ 12:41am
Publishing a modpack
So I recently figured out a bug and fixed it to where I could download all the mods I ever dreamed of. Sadly, I discovered there was a limit. I did however, manage to accept this limit and push as many mods as I possibly could together to change my game. These ~230+ mods took 6 hours of work and crashing to put them together, and I am very pleased with the result, even if my wife and 2 kids were blinked out of existence (sobs quietly in corner). I started a new play through and the result is amazing. They all work together to add so much new content while at the same time it is hardly visible. Because of this, I was thinking of publishing these mods together on a pack for the workshop. I am wondering whether or not this is a good allocation of my time as I could also spend this time playing skyrim.
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#2_:3 Aug 21, 2014 @ 12:54am 
Did you even bother to take into consideration the time you are making others waste answering your question when they too could be playing Skyrim? NOooooooo. Geesh.

I believe there is a filesize limit on the Workshop. ~230+ mods sounds like it might exceed it, but who knows. I say go for it, because without people sharing, Skyrim would be a buggy mess at the very least.
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SpeedFreak Aug 21, 2014 @ 1:10am 
Even if you did that you should contact the mod makers I mean they are not that pleased to see their mods elsewhere published .... It can you get ina lot of trouble and if only 1 modmaker objects with STEAM its a immediate takedown ....
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