SirSnowman88 Aug 20 @ 11:55am
My Skyrim Crashes...
When ever I interact with the hearthfires DLC It immeditately crashes my game. My save file used to have mods with it but I deleted all my mods and It still crashes as soon as I touch one of the workbenches for my house
Can anyone help?
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Grathagis Aug 20 @ 11:58am 
Does it also crash with a new game instead of using a dirty save ?
SirSnowman88 Aug 20 @ 12:03pm 
It would take me around 10+ hours just to find out :[
SirSnowman88 Aug 20 @ 12:04pm 
Let me clear it has no problems running the main game. Its just the Hearthfire DLC and the other DLC I have not yet checked
Grathagis Aug 20 @ 12:06pm 
You have deleted a lot of mods and they might have left junk behind.

Try validating your game cache :
Go to your Game Library on Steam and Control Click (Right Click) the game you want to verify. Select Properties.
On the Local Files tab you may be able to verify the integrity of game cache files you want.
SirSnowman88 Aug 20 @ 8:27pm 
So it said that one file failed to validate and will attempt to reacquire
Grathagis Aug 20 @ 8:36pm 
Originally posted by SirSnoman88:
So it said that one file failed to validate and will attempt to reacquire
That is normal. You can ignore that.
Uncle64[SwE] Aug 20 @ 9:12pm 
You can try to load your save, Save one new save and load the new save again. Dont turn off Skyrim.
Uncle64[SwE] Aug 20 @ 9:14pm 
It is tedious work to clean one save, but you can do it.

SirSnowman88 Aug 20 @ 10:41pm 
So Just do a save, Load the save and it should be fixed?
Kelvy Aug 20 @ 10:45pm 
What section of play are you in heathfires DLC, building manor house etc.?
SirSnowman88 Aug 20 @ 10:53pm 
I built some of my house's base before this error kept occuring. Now when ever I interact with one of the hearthfire objects I crash. craftmans workbench crash. anvil crash. etc
Kelvy Aug 20 @ 10:55pm 
Now the big question do you have Lakeside extended mod installed? need to elimate this first.
SirSnowman88 Aug 20 @ 10:56pm 
Deleted all mods
SirSnowman88 Aug 20 @ 10:56pm 
but no
Kelvy Aug 20 @ 11:02pm 
The latest version of this mod will cause a crash, why!, the modder in his update change it that the manor house has to be completed first before mod can be added. I got caught with the old version and updated it.
Now it sound like a glitch, can you go be a few saves and rebuild again and see what happens.
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