rogueracer2000 Aug 20 @ 1:58am
Razer Kraken 7.1 No Sound [SOLVED]
Hi, I have recently purchased skyrim and I was dissapointed to find out that I had no sound coming from the game. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks.
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rogueracer2000 Aug 20 @ 3:27am 
I've decided to try re-installing, would this work?
rogueracer2000 Aug 20 @ 1:09pm 
ok, thanks, ill try when it finishes the d/l
rogueracer2000 Aug 20 @ 4:23pm 
@kitten puncher z, there is no sound, not even at the logo, @grimus how do I do that?
rogueracer2000 Aug 20 @ 4:23pm 
^^ at the Bethesda logo
Mormacil Aug 20 @ 11:08pm 
Tried volume? Game has a tendicy to be very very quite. I generally double the volume compared to other games.
rogueracer2000 Aug 21 @ 1:07am 
@mormacil, ill try that as well, does anyone know how to do what grimus said?
Mormacil Aug 21 @ 1:25am 
Depends on your OS. But Skyrim is fiddly about audio quality in Windows. Set it to high and it goes funky or evne outright crash.
rogueracer2000 Aug 21 @ 1:27am 
@Mormacil, I cant seem to find where I can set it to stero, as my spekers are set to stero and they work, so could that be the problem?
Mormacil Aug 21 @ 1:29am 
What is your OS?
(Playback ->) Speaker Properties -> Advanced
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rogueracer2000 Aug 21 @ 1:32am 
windows 7 home edition
rogueracer2000 Aug 21 @ 1:32am 
Mormacil Aug 21 @ 1:33am 
Taskbar, right click on your speaker icon.
rogueracer2000 Aug 21 @ 1:37am 
which setting? i can only get 16 bit @Mormacil
Mormacil Aug 21 @ 1:48am 
How many Hz?
rogueracer2000 Aug 21 @ 1:52am 
2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz, DVD Quality

(as seen in settings)
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