Kaasahthur Aug 19 @ 7:57pm
Uhm Okay Maybe Somebody Here Will Know
So, since it was a Steam issue not Skyrim I originally posted on the main Steam Discussions and after about a hour I still hadn't gotten any comment notifications which surprised me. So, I'm guessing for some reason an admin deleted my post when there's tons of posts talking crap about Steam meh. Anyways my Steam App isn't working I'm having to use the browser so I can't play any games or anything. When I click on it it just pops up the little blue loading circle beside the mouse for like half a second. Would anyone know what would cause that??? Also, if I end up having to reinstall the app will it mess up my games. I have 2 accounts games on this PC so I have quite a few that would suck to have to reinstall.
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Uncle64[SwE] Aug 19 @ 7:58pm 
Reinstall it perhaps?
If you have one link for it on top of this page :)
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Kaasahthur Aug 19 @ 7:59pm 
I do I'm just afraid of it will mess up my games or not???
Uncle64[SwE] Aug 19 @ 8:09pm 
No you don't.
Kaasahthur Aug 19 @ 8:11pm 
Say what...
Uncle64[SwE] Aug 19 @ 8:14pm 
You can reinstall, i have 2 accounts on my Pc to.
Kaasahthur Aug 19 @ 8:14pm 
You said "No you don't" I thought you were saying I didn't have a download link haha
Kaasahthur Aug 19 @ 8:20pm 
So, I had made a back up folder of Steam on my :B drive and I was able to launch from it after uninstalling it from the :C drive
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