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DragonMaster Aug 6, 2014 @ 12:08pm
Help with Mod Organizer and Mods
Ok folks Using Mod Organizer 1.2.9 for skyrim and after downloading and installing the mods some of the gave me this:

No Game data on Top level<in red>

The mods are as follows with links:

1. Transmute Iron ore first:
2. Vilja:
3. Vilja in Solstheim add on:
4. Helgen Reborn:

Was wondering if the above are safe to install with MO or what should I do?

Also in the center square of Mod Organzer where it list all your mods most are listed in black and some 1/2 dozen or so are grey characters? Any idea what it means when they are grey?

Now when trying to install the Calientes Female body mod

I get the folling for which pops up:

Running external installer.

The installer will not be aware of other installed mods

Based on Nexus Mod Manager by Black Tree LTD

Then it gives me the option to Force close at the bottom right corner., But instead I just cli9cked on the upper right to exit out of the installer.

should I have just tried to install it or not use it. I used it with NMM with no problems at all.

Thanks for any help someone can give me with these questions it's really apreciated.
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★Kelvy★ Aug 6, 2014 @ 3:12pm 
They are OK just nonMO but in game.
That game through NMM will be OK (I have the problem there as well specially for updating)

Vilja mod (main mod ) install first
Vilja addon install second but as a seperate mod
Transmute just install
Helgen reborn you can install (but remember this uses Alternate start mod, so it must be installed after Helgen play through. (freezes start scene)

When installing mods through MO use the manual button and make sure data is on top of list and 'looks good' words in green before adding into game.
Also before install the mod check if it needs more info (red triangle) right click on on name and click on 'query info' and update it.
Download tag after installing these mods will show there also after downloading and can be upgraded or removed

Remember to tick box left side page to include them in the game (plugin will them show them) also above plugin tag is a sort button this is LOOT.

Attican Aug 6, 2014 @ 6:23pm 
try watching gopher's tutorial's.
DragonMaster Aug 7, 2014 @ 8:45am 
@Kelvy Thanks for the info I appreciate it.

@Zelut thanks for the link to the guide great help there.

@ Slender1697 gopher don't make a tutorial for Mod Organizer only NMM. But did find one for MO that helped out quite a bit.

Now I've just downloaded a bunch of mods and in the bottom pane I've got a red Triangle and after it states QWinEventNotifier: Cannot have more than 62 enabled at one time. Does this mean that only 62 mods can be enabled at one time for the game? I thought it was 250?

MageThis Aug 7, 2014 @ 10:37am 
QWinEventNotifier limit does not refer to mods. It refers to wait functions.
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