Santa Aug 2 @ 12:04pm
Which race is your favorite and least favorite.
Favorite : Khajiits because meow meow
Least Favorite : Any human race and the Orcs (orcs are damn nasty).
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SpeedFreak Aug 2 @ 12:12pm 
I also like Khajiits and for the least favourite ... well that would be Orcs. Ok Orcs are awsome fighters, but they are FUGLY
LandOfDen Aug 2 @ 12:17pm 
Favorite: Dunmer. Least: Khajiits
Stania Aug 2 @ 12:52pm 
Fave: Nords.
Least fave: Orcs (or Khajiits).
Grathagis Aug 2 @ 12:53pm 
Favorite : elves and khajit
Least favorite: argonians
Zefram Cochrane Aug 2 @ 1:02pm 
Favourite: Khajits or Elves.

Least favourite: Humans.
RumpleForeskin Aug 2 @ 1:07pm 
Favorite: Argonians and Nords
Least Favorite: Orcs
EdinMG Aug 2 @ 1:26pm 
Favorite: Imperials
Least Favorite: Altmer
Monk on Fire Aug 2 @ 1:26pm 
Favourite: Breton or Dunmer

Least Favourite: Nords or Altmer
Otso Aug 2 @ 1:34pm 
Favourite: Dunmer or Khajit

Least favourite: Nords or Bretons
Gorsondor Aug 2 @ 1:36pm 
Favortie: Nord or Dunmer

Least: Breton
Lord TickleDicks Aug 2 @ 2:31pm 
i always thought that the elves in all the elder scrolls games were stuckup D!ck heads
MercAngel Aug 2 @ 2:36pm 
Favorite : Khajiit
Least favorite: all the rest
Morzanee Aug 2 @ 2:54pm 
Khajiit is awesome. Orcs are meh.
BelphegorATS Aug 2 @ 5:08pm 
My favorites are the three Elven races and the Bretons since I feel they have the most variety when creating a certain build, a quality I don't really see in the other races in my opinion.
HylianArgonian Aug 2 @ 5:12pm 
Favourite: Argonians
Least favourite: High Elves
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