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Here you'll be able to find user-created items for Lazy Galaxy. They might add some special bonuses that you might have been missing or simply make your gameplay much easier.
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Lazy Galaxy Early Access Patch 1.5 - Autocombat + Ship Mod Support!
General and automatic combat
First of all, we're super excited to introduce the new general system!

After conquering two galaxies, you will be able to send the general to fight in your place. As usual, build your fleet, click on the point that you want to conquer, but this time there will be a choice that allows to send the general instead of you.

Your ship is taken away to power the general army, you stay on your base screen while general fights and gathers rewards. You can then collect by simply clicking the reward button on star map!

Mod Support

After that - there's a ship modding support, which essentially allows you to add custom ships to the game :) Set up your weapons / hulls / prices and put your own sci-fi ships into the game! You can find out more in our wiki[].

Release Date
Finally, this marks the last serious content patch. We're going to release the game on March 22, and during these two weeks before release we'll be doing more polishing / ui improvements and minor feature adjustments.

If you like the game - please leave a positive review, those things really help during release. Even one or two lines tremendously help the game get noticed.

Full changelog
  • After conquering your first galaxy, you will be able to pick your own fleet with each jump! If you are not fighting - you can send out your general to do the job for you.
  • Modding: Ship validation & submission
  • Modding: Tags will be automatically assigned to mods based on contents when uploading/updating
  • Modding: You can now write change log for your mod updates inside the game
  • Modding: You can choose not to update mod description, when submitting an update. That's in case if you had a good description that you wrote outside the game (e.g. in steam client)
  • Added setting to disable/enable damage text in battles (better performance? no promises?)
  • Fixed bug that used wrong items after sorting

    Thanks for being awesome and as usual, if you have any questions - do join our discord channel[]!