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Space Deadpool 2013年5月20日 12時45分
Suddenly, pixeleted
I´ve got this game from a long time ago but never really click on me. Lattlely I have been testing to see if I can comprehend it better, but today for some weird reason everytime I load my saved game everything is pixeleted. Every planet is now a gigant pixel, the planet trails are pixels, just abut everything seems to have decide run in a resolution from the 80s. The game worked fine yesterday tough.
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Dan Dixon  [開発者] 2013年6月3日 13時36分 
Try restarting your computer. This is some strange video card/driver issues that is usually resolved by a full power down and restart.
Space Deadpool 2013年6月3日 14時17分 
Already see the answer some time ago in another thread for the same problem. Thanks for taking the time to answer player.
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