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Space Deadpool 2013. máj. 20. @ du. 12:45
Suddenly, pixeleted
I´ve got this game from a long time ago but never really click on me. Lattlely I have been testing to see if I can comprehend it better, but today for some weird reason everytime I load my saved game everything is pixeleted. Every planet is now a gigant pixel, the planet trails are pixels, just abut everything seems to have decide run in a resolution from the 80s. The game worked fine yesterday tough.
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Dan Dixon  [Fejlesztő] 2013. jún. 3. @ du. 1:36 
Try restarting your computer. This is some strange video card/driver issues that is usually resolved by a full power down and restart.
Space Deadpool 2013. jún. 3. @ du. 2:17 
Already see the answer some time ago in another thread for the same problem. Thanks for taking the time to answer player.
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