gadgadsbogen Dec 27, 2013 @ 12:22pm
Game crashes at intro
Hi. My Runaway: A Road Adventure loads but crashes whenever the credits (right after the intro) come out. Please help me out with this problem...

1. I tried changing the video-card setup but it reverts to the default option everytime I reopen the video-card setup. The file does not allow me to change the compatibility settings: I must run it as a Windows XP SP2 Administrator.

2. I tried verifying the game cache files. 2 files were 'corrupted' initially but it still crashes after everything has been verified successfully.

3. I tried deleting all local content and reinstalling the game from steam but it still crashes at the same spot.

4. I read that a video codec causes problem with the game but I do not have it installed.

5. I tried different compatibility settings for the game .exe file (e.g. XP, Vista) but none works. Running it as Administrator gives the error of "Steam Not Found".

6. I tried disabling my AVG Anti-virus, as perhaps it blocks the game for some reasons, but the crashes persisted.

My specs are as follows: ASUS X43S Laptop i5 2.5ghz, 6gb ram, NVDIA 410m 2gb. I have more than enough space left on the partition I installed the game on.

Will really appreciate any guidance. Thanks! :)

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gadgadsbogen Jan 2 @ 8:54am 
I tried two things that helped the game work:

1) Disabling the Microsoft Inputs Method Editor (IME). I had German, Japanese and Chinese in it.

2) Forcing the game to boot with my on-board graphics card since the Video Card Setup.exe would not register the changes. Nvdia control panel had an option to do that.

Hope this helps if anyone encountered the problems I met.
carolineg2 Feb 3 @ 11:40am 
Hi, I have the same problem but don't know how to do either of the things you mentioned.
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