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Complete guide
por matsaball
This is a complete guide to Closure...
Moth Levels
por Pilsu
A simple, largely spoiler-free guide to help you figure out where to look for the moths....
Closure 全成就流程攻略
por 空梦残月in帝都
Closure 流程攻略+ 全成就指南,有适当图解。 有问题请留言,喜欢的话麻烦点个赞=w= 感谢此篇英文指南:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=198909210...
Moth Trove Achievement [En/Ru]
por RayRayRay
I achieved this one after completing the game and getting all the 30 moths. But as I understand, you can get it even if you found only one moth. If you want to get "Moth Trove" achievement, then go to the hub world. After you pick up light sphere, go rig...