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Footissimo 2013年1月13日 0時40分
Linux Support on Steam

Given that there is now a version of Steam for there any plan on making Closure available for linux users on here?

Thanks in advance =)
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Sith 2013年1月13日 11時09分 
Yes, add it on Steam. I had to download the DRM-free version from the HumbleBundle 7 to enjoy this game on Linux.
Glaiel Gamer  [開発者] 2013年1月13日 14時11分 
Yeah been meaning to do that, just didn't feel like bugging the linux port guy about it while the bundle was running cause he was pretty swamped with work there.
Footissimo 2013年1月13日 14時28分 
Thanks for the response! Should I take that as meaning that you'll be recommencing the bugging with the linux guy then?
Glaiel Gamer  [開発者] 2013年1月13日 14時56分 
Yeah, he had a few ideas about some of the bugs here I couldn't figure out so I'm gonna test a few of those out too.
Footissimo 2013年1月13日 14時59分 
Thanks again..and awesome game =)
Sith 2013年1月14日 4時19分 
Password for the Linux Beta? :(
InvasionLord 2013年1月14日 10時41分 
If I bought it on Windows will be released on my account on Linux or there's a lot of other games apart? Didn't understand yet.
Glaiel Gamer  [開発者] 2013年1月14日 12時58分 
If you own it on steam you'll have it for all 3 systems. The build should be there just waiting for steam to flip some switches now.
Devil999-PT 2013年1月14日 14時35分 
I'm just posting here to thank the team for the Linux support. I'm only sorry I coudn't give more in the Humble Bundle.
sonic-Raul 2013年1月14日 18時02分 
Password for the Linux Beta? :( ¿como consigo el pass?
`][`arron: Linux 2013年1月15日 16時49分 
may i say, thanks for supporting linux!
Penguin Pants 2013年1月18日 22時15分 
I've installed the game on Linux Steam, and it won't launch because of "missing executable." Any fix for this? Any ETA for a patch?
DaVince 2013年1月19日 10時05分 
Glaiel Gamer の投稿を引用:
If you own it on steam you'll have it for all 3 systems. The build should be there just waiting for steam to flip some switches now.
Thanks, but the download does not seem to be available yet. Penguin Pants explained the error, and that error message always pops up when a Linux version actually *isn't* available for download...
AlienDude 2013年1月19日 12時03分 
Can't wait to get this on Steam. Looks like it's there, but when I install it, it is missing the actual executable file. It only looks like it is installed, but it really isn't
Sith 2013年1月19日 23時36分 
It is in the Library because there's a Beta which runs on Linux. If you try to right mouse->properties->beta you can see it. However it's password protected, so we can't use yet.

At least this is what I understood.
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