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Kargor Feb 1, 2014 @ 3:10am
Laser bug?
I don't even know whether these are officially called "laser" -- I'm talking about those shooting things in the third set of levels.

Evey once in a while -- I have gotten it a few times, but not enough to see the pattern, if there is one, shooting a laser will switch back to the desktop and show an "empty" window (i.e. just window frame around a very small content area -- possibly minimum window size so all window decorations still fit). The game still runs, and apparently I can just alt-tab back into it and continue.

The mystery-window has a close button, so I can close it. I cannot resize it to see the content, if there is any.

Just now I thought it's by shooting "out of the area" -- I'm on level 11, and I was annoyed that I had successfully "removed" the barrier in the middle and returned back to the cannon, but forgot to somehow light the target. So I just fired at the spot where the target would be, and *bang* I got the window again. I quit the game to check whether things still got saved up until then. I started the game again and tried doing the same thing again but I didn't get the window until after like 5 or so shots into the general target area, so I guess it must be something different that's triggering it :-)
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Glaiel Gamer  [developer] Feb 1, 2014 @ 1:58pm 
You're probably activating sticky keys. You can either disable it in windows, or rebind shoot to a different button
Kargor Feb 1, 2014 @ 2:12pm 
Eh... lol? You seem to be right :-)

I thought I had that crap turned off, but yes -- hitting "Shift" 5 times opens a sticky-keys window. When I do this inside the game I get exactly the effect I've seen -- apparently, Windows has the bug here as they open a window without content when I do this on a fullscreen app. Sorry for blaming it on you :-)

EDIT: I don't currently know the available APIs to get key presses -- MAYBE blaming it on you is ok. I think I've seen more than one game that uses the Shift key for something, without triggering the sticky stuff :-) Or maye I'm confusing this with something else. Either way, problem explained :-)

It also explains why I haven't run into this recently -- in the meantime, I figured out that the left shoulder key on the gamepad can be used to fire, so I haven't been using shift in most cases :-) Targeting doesn't work all that well -- same as with the lamps, it's kind of unpredictable for me how it moves when I use the pad, but in most cases there's plenty of time. I've only used keyboard-targeting and firing once since, and apparently I didn't have to fire quickly enough to trigger the sticky...
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