pokrishka Sep 10, 2012 @ 5:29am
How to play it right?
Hi guys. I and 3 friends of mine tried the game for the first time yesterday in 4 players local match with 4 xBox controllers. It was pretty fun, however we didn't figure how to really play it. So we have 4 various hits and movement stick. Can somebody help us figure how to play it right please? So A is the basic hit, I get it. If I got into position early and press and hold it - the hit is harder. It looks to me that X is somewhat the same as A in most of the cases or just weaker in others, Y does the same as A in most of the cases as well, but when you have a clear shot - it sends the ball high into the air which is basically bad since the opponent will hit it hard when it slowly falls down. B is the same as A, except when you got super shot bar full - it does a more powerful hit. There are a lot of situations where I think that my character will hit the ball hard and it seems to me that I'm doing everything right, but the character just puts the racket on balls way and it bounces back very weak :(