Shahars71 Aug 15, 2013 @ 10:27am
Classic Sonic as a "new" character
After i've seen some gameplay with the Classic Sonic mod for S4:EP2
it made me think about how oddly Classic Sonic fits into the modern age of Sonic, but as a new character.
I mean, C. Sonic looked fantastic on SG and a big part of the community loves him for his cuteness and "childish" personality.
Even though C. Sonic is Sonic, he is different then Sonic himself, throughout the years, Sonic had changed, both his looks, and his attitude.
In Sonic Adventure, he was the charizmatic hedgehog that led everyone to safety when it was dangerous.
In Sonic Adventure 2, He got cockier and became more of a speedster: hyperactive, fast, and cocky.
He stays like that until Sonic Colors in which he becomes more of a joker, but still kind of a ♥♥♥♥.
Even with all this progression, Classic Sonic never had a personality in the classic games, due to the lack of speaking and cutscenes in his games. Because of that, C.Sonic gets the personality of a child: innocent and naive.
Not only he has a different personality, his playstyle is so much different in the modern age, and because all modern characters have a different play style each, that makes him a different character too.
Please, think about it, I want to hear multiple opinions about this.
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Mazefire Aug 16, 2013 @ 8:32am 
Uhm, you CAN tell that silent characters do have personality by their faces, expressions, motion gestures and all that jazz right? Any character with no personality has potential to be anything you want it to be. Heck Sonic was easily deemed to have an personality in Sonic CD, judging mostly from his idle animation for 3 minutes jumping off the stage leaving a instant game over which easily notes him impatient.
But yeah, Classic Sonic DOES use custom moves in Sonic generations including the homing attack and no one even complained about it even it only stays for the rest of the game in 3DS version after defeating the Egg Launch boss in 3DS version...Also, yeah. I might wanna agree on the Sonic personality change until Colors. Sonic just sucks at comedy in Sonic Colors, especially "Baldy McNosehair" joke.
I kind of rather like Sonic Adventure Sonic's personality better. Classic Sonic's personality seems okay. Sonic OVA Sonic's personality is just what I prefer the most (If the cartoon universes of Sonic counts here).
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Shahars71 Aug 16, 2013 @ 9:10am 
I actually only counted the video game universe, but you have a point here, you can understand classic sonic's personality through his facial expressions, and I didn't include Sonic CD here because it is speculated the Classic Sonic in SG came from the time between Sonic 2 and Sonic CD, and my speculation about the abilities from the skill shop is that they are learnt and equipped because of the time-space travelling situation.
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