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filmmakerartist1 2012年12月3日 8時11分
Cool game up to the final boss battle.
It's just all around crap. No fun at all to be had from it and it's the worst part of any Sonic game imo. They could have done some really cool things with the clock motif but instead it's just a clusterfck on the screen.
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LEVEL 42 FISH 2012年12月3日 10時39分 
"the worst part of any Sonic game"
You mean Crisis Ciy (the original one) wasn't bad enough!?
filmmakerartist1 2012年12月3日 12時19分 
That was rough but in my eyes the Time Eater is the pinnacle of terrible.
Sayacool Miki 2012年12月3日 18時22分 
Meh. sonic 06 anyone? Still, it was ♥♥♥♥in terrible.
Jitter 2012年12月28日 4時29分 
i enjoyed sonic 06 but it was bad, solaris was a great fight though!
HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 2012年12月30日 2時47分 
Sonic 06 was one of my favorite 3D sonic games. The story was really good and the final boss battle was AMAZING.
2132robson 2013年2月22日 13時51分 
I am lucky to never have played Sonic 06 but the Time Eater is the worst thing that I have EVER experianced in any game that I have ever played.
RH' NBlast 2013年2月22日 13時59分 
Maybe the Time Eater boss isn't the best one in the universe... But is NOWHERE being close to the worst... At least Iblis Phase II and Silver ('06) are MUCH better picks on the "Worst Bosses ever".
最近の変更はRH' NBlastが行いました; 2013年2月22日 14時00分
CANTA A VEH 2013年3月17日 8時22分 
Duke Nukem 3D bosses were worse :/ They were just shooting the big guy with any explosive gun until it dies
killoroy 2013年3月18日 10時21分 
filmmakerartist1 の投稿を引用:
That was rough but in my eyes the Time Eater is the pinnacle of terrible.
the 3ds version is better
SCP-789-J 2013年3月18日 12時41分 
Time Eater doesn't suck, you all just don't know how to play.
Fama 2013年3月19日 23時00分 
Meh it wasn't that bad.
Shahars71 2013年3月20日 9時59分 
im really disappointed with you guys, HELLO, SONIC COLORS (WII) FINAL BOSS?!
killoroy 2013年3月20日 10時05分 
shahars71 uNo の投稿を引用:
im really disappointed with you guys, HELLO, SONIC COLORS (WII) FINAL BOSS?!
why disapointed with us?
|H|H| Manta 2013年3月23日 8時23分 
Yeah, the final boss battle was a mess. How? Let me count the ways:

  • New control system that isn't used anywhere else in the game.
  • Not clear how to hurt boss.
  • Nearly impossible to get a hit in as classic sonic
  • Edges of the playable area aren't obvious, the swirly purple tunnel doesn't help that much.
  • You get the green homing attack crosshair on the core, so you press A right? That does an attack right? It does, but it doesn't actually damage the boss, you have to mash your face against it instead.
  • Obnoxious attacks and slowdown
  • Boss just pulls away from you by a mile with no warning or reason.
  • His final attack doesn't actually hurt you! it just bobs you a bit, the sphere vanishes and he just repeats the attack ad nauseum.

A sad end to a beautiful game.
Gummda04 2013年3月24日 6時47分 
I agree.
Today I started to pass the last boss.
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