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BlackMambo 2013年5月21日 8時20分
Sonic Adventure DX HD patch brokes my camera controls
Like the title says, i 've played SADX vanilla with no issue using my controller (but i had to use a modified config.exe file from a guy on this forum), i can rotate and look around with both the triggers and the right stick without encountering any issue. But if i use the HD patch then as soon as i start playing my camera starts spinning around, i've tried xpadder, x360ce and sadx_360patch with no somebody knows how to fix this? -tnx

EDIT: i've fixed the camera issues with xpadder...
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CrypticJacknife 2013年6月13日 10時26分 
I've tried to use this so called controller patch, doesn't change a thing. Curious, just how did you fix it with xpadder? Any help would be appreciated :)
BlackMambo 2013年6月13日 10時29分 
configure your pad with xpadder...lunch the game with your pad unplugged (so the game recognize the keyboard) and then on the main menu plug your pad and you are good to camera issue and fully custom control on your pad (depending on how you have setted xpadder)

PS: during this whole operation you have to run xpadder in background
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