Tamblei Apr 15 @ 1:33pm
Is this game worth getting?
Sonic Adventure DX was probably my favorite childhood game, and I loved playing it whenever I could :P
Would you recommend me buying the game? Any issues that really detract from the game?
Edit: I'm no stranger to the bad camera, or the PC controls (I owned the PC port of the game)
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Leonard Apr 15 @ 1:42pm 
This is just the worth port a have ever seen.But i think yo can fix most of the stuff like no full-screen or that you can't change the resolution(which is 800x600)
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UltLolwut Apr 21 @ 11:31am 
It IS, in fact, the worst port. But getting the game is actually based on nostalgia or gameplay factor. I mean, I find the game to be pretty good, having played the 2004/2005 PC version. I can see what they got wrong - A bunch of things, that's for sure - But it's still the good old SADX I always loved. So yeah, it depends highly on whether you like the game that much or not.
...Of course, you can always get the original 2004 version.
VolksDK Apr 25 @ 5:42am 
Yeah, why not? Just play with a controller, the keyboard controls suck for this.
Tamblei Apr 29 @ 12:08pm 
Yeah, I'm gonna try to find the original version, but if I can't...I'll just buy the steam version. Thanks for your help though :D
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