Kinghappy Jun 12 @ 3:39am
Some problems I had and how I fixed them.
Just in case anyone else out there may have these problems.

First off, I sometimes play PC games while hooked up to my TV, but whenever I played this game, the window screen was too small because of the difference in resolution. To fix this, change your computer's option that allows you to adjust text size, then put the text size at maximum if you have a big TV. You can find this option by searching "text size" in the search option.

Secondly, I also had an issue where the game would not be running at the maximum speed that it should. To fix this, try searching for the game inside the steam folder, then copy the entire Sonic Adventure DX folder to the desktop. Then try playing the game directly by clicking the EXE file or from steam now that the folder has been moved. Don't know why but it worked for me. Sorry if this old info.