Worms Pinball

Worms Pinball

sonic___ Apr 15, 2013 @ 12:30pm
Infos and usefull tips on worms pinball
Here's the read me from the CD version who contain very usefull tips:


Game Quick Exit Keyboard Shortcut
It is now possible to quickly exit the game back to the Windows desktop at any point by pressing both the left shift and esc keys simultaneously.

Game LED Display Toggle
It is now possible to toggle the LED screen on or off by utilising the L key during the game.

Game Contrast Adjustment
It is now possible to adjust the screen contrast up or down by utilising the C key during the game.

Game Pause
It is now possible to pause the game by utilising the P key during the game.

Resolution Mode Test
During alteration of the graphics resolution, detail or colour depth within the options menu Worms Pinball will now perform a test to ensure that your video card supports the selected display mode. You will be prompted to accept by pressing the Y key or alternatively pressing the N key to cancel the request. This prompt will eventually timeout and will then revert back to your original display settings. If your video card does not have sufficient RAM or the selected video mode is not supported it will automatically revert back to your original display setting also.

To now move forward through the highscore listings press the left cursor key. It is also now not possible to view the game credits from within this section. The credits are now located on the main title screens.

Please note that an update to Worms Pinball will be available from our web server at a later date to enable you to submit your highscores directly to our server via the Internet. Can you take up the challenge from players around the World to be worthy of earning a place on the Worms Pinball Global Highscore Table?

Configuration Utility Volume Control
Worms Pinball uses the default system audio mixer to manage the volume settings of the sound effects and in-game music. If values are changed manually through the audio mixer or through other applications, these may have to be reset to acceptable comfort levels before playing the game. If necessary, the volume can be adjusted while the game is running by using Alt-Tab to switch to the desktop, and then double clicking on the speaker icon in the lower-right corner of the task bar. To switch back to the game from the desktop, either click on the Worms Pinball button on the task bar, or use Alt-Tab to select the Worms Pinball icon.

Three levels of use are now available as an option:

INSTANT will change immediately to the required CD audio track for the mode currently in play.
INTELLIGENT will await change to the required CD audio track for the mode currently in play until the time that the ball is moving slowly and not near any flippers in order to avoid interruptions that could potentially cause problems with the general game play. (this is the default option).
NONE will not change to the required CD audio track for the mode currently in play. Instead this will utilise a repeated playback of the title CD audio track only and will therefore minimise changing to improve overall performance. This is especially recommended if your CD-ROM does not meet the minimum specified requirements or has a slower seek-to-track access time.

The Worms Pinball CD audio tracks will not be played if the CD audio volume slider is set to minimum prior to launching Worms Pinball. The Worms Pinball CD is still required to play the game.
*This may not work with a Gravis Soundcard, see the note on Gravis Cards below.

Configuration Utility Keyboard Control Assignment
In some cases it may not be possible to define keys within the game in specific configurations due to the hardware limitations of your keyboard. Please be aware that some keyboards do not allow the simultaneous depression of keys in certain combinations. This may exhibit problems such as a possible delayed response to tilt the table when using the flippers for instance. You may have to reassign your keys in order to rectify a problem of this nature. Note that you may experience problems when redefining the pause/break key and that it is also not possible to redefine the enter key on the numeric keypad.

Flipper Plunge
In order to use the Flipper Plunge to launch a ball it is necessary to hit both flippers at the same time, not just one as stated in the manual.

Game Start
Please note that it is possible to quickly start a one-player game by simply pressing the RETURN key on your keyboard – the same key is used to launch the ball.


Completing the R-A-I-D rollovers the required number of times enables an airstrike. Shoot the cave to start the mode, and then lock three balls on the ball rack to start the multi-ball action!

SuperSheep Video Mode
Sometimes the bunker will award the SuperSheep video mode. During this mode you must take control over the SuperSheep and use it to kill worms and pick up the other awards littered around in the battlefield! Use the flipper keys to turn left & right and keep an eye on the radar to locate enemy worms and other awards! To kill a worm or pick up an award, simply fly straight through it!

Total Wormage
During the Total Wormage mode, certain special awards will be available from the weapons crate at certain times. When a special award is available, the crate will turn to show you the award.


As with the majority of other games that run under Windows operating system, you should ensure that you have the maximum amount of system resources available.

There are several ways in which you can maximise this:

Run Worms Pinball directly after initialising your system.
Increase your amount of system RAM.
Use a video card that has 2MB or more of memory.
Set your Windows desktop at a lower resolution and colour depth. The minimum requirement for this is 256 colours at 640x480 resolution.
Play Worms Pinball at a lower graphic detail level.
Ensure that your hard drive has enough free space should Windows need it to create virtual memory.
We recommend that you run Worms Pinball on a Windows 95/98 based system as you may experience marginal performance issues on an NT based system such as a slight delay in response from keyboard input or sound playback.

Do not install and run the game in compressed partitions if at all possible.
Do not run the game in unison with background applications resident. Problems may occur especially with software that puts high demand on system resources or has scheduling options such as disk scanners, disk de-fragmentation programs or virus checkers. It is also advisable if you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 that you should disable the active desktop before commencing play.
Do not run the game in unison with background tools resident that either generates a toolbar on your Windows desktop or alternatively has an icon on within your Windows taskbar. For example if your system has the Microsoft Office toolbar enabled please close this down before commencing play.
Do not minimise or task-switch during play and quit out of the game should you require access to the full resources available on your system. Worms Pinball is not designed to run at the same time as other major Windows titles and applications. Continually minimising and task switching between Worms Pinball and other applications may lead to system problems due to the amount of resources required.


Media Care
CD-ROM discs can be susceptible to producing errors if not correctly taken care of and there are a few steps you can take to minimise these problems:

Ensure that the CD is not written upon, bent or labelled with stickers.
Handle the CD by the edge to avoid marking the surface with scratches, dirt or dust.
Store the CD in a location that is not prone to extreme heat or humidity.
Store the CD safely in the case provided when not in use to avoid marking the surface with scratches, dirt or dust.

FMV Playback with Matrox Mystiqueâ and Mystique 220â
There is a performance problem during playback of the Introductory FMV sequence at 16bit or 32bit colour depth. This is generally exhibited by slight corruption in the video colour palette. If you do experience this problem please revert to either 256 colour or 24bit colour from within your Windows display properties to alleviate the problem.

FMV Playback under Windows NT4.0
Due to the limitations of playback under Windows NT4.0 this does not allow full screen FMV display.

Creative Labs SoundBlaster AWE-64â
If you are experiencing problems, we recommend that the reverb option on your card is switched off.

Advanced Gravis UltraSoundâ based soundcards
This range of soundcard utilises a proprietary volume control system that works separately from the standard Windows volume controller. You may experience problems with an extreme changing of volume levels in this case. To rectify alter the volume setting through the UltraSound Mixer. More information on this can be found within the documentation provided with your soundcard. For further details on this please visit their website at http://www.gravis.com or alternatively contact your hardware vendor. This could possibly exhibit problems and may also be true with other soundcard types that incorporate a similar proprietary volume control system.

Thrustmaster Wizzard Support
To correctly configure the Thrustmaster Wizzard for use with Worms Pinball please ensure that the device is set, calibrated and identified correctly under Windows 95/98. When the controllers have been installed successfully according to the accompanying documentation a setup is then required via the Worms Pinball Configuration Utility. Start the configuration program, click on the controllers option and select the correct entry from the drop down menu list. Please note that the Thrustmaster Wizzard box located in this section must be checked for Worms Pinball to read the device. Worms Pinball will not use the Wizzard if this box is not checked.

If during play you notice that the table is vibrating slightly despite no interaction with the Wizzard then the controller may need to be calibrated within Windows 95/98 CONTROL PANEL \ GAME CONTROLLERS so that the small crosshair in the calibration box is more static.
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