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What the telephone means.
by Computeron
You've been wondering what that creepy telephone is when it comes up in a multiplayer match? Here's what it does....
How to get all the 5 Easter Eggs on Worms Ultimate Mayhem...
by suave lomito
In this guide i will show you how to get all the 5 Easter Eggs on Worms Ultimate Mayhem/Worms 4......
Different styles of hats, eyes, face
by Zyzio |
Small trick that someone may not know with different styles of hats, eyes, and face!...
Crate Contents
by Twisted Lemon
This guide explains what the crates (and their contents) do....
Worms Mayhem How to get a good start
by McWoff
get sum munnneeyy...
Hello there! I was having trouble with FPS in Worms Ultimate Mayhem ( I ran it on about 20 FPS with gaming notebook), so i clicked random things in NVidia control panel and now i have 60 FPS! :D: I shooted some screens for you guys and put it on