Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Worms Ultimate Mayhem

GX-980 Feb 2, 2014 @ 4:02am
WUM Mega Map Pack v6.0
- Mega Map Pack Version v6.0
- Maps is playable Gametypes: [Deathmatch] And [Survivor]

File Name: MegaMapPack_v6.zip
File Size: 48MB
Link 1:
Download - WUM_MegaMapPack_v6.0(Installer)[mega.nz]
Link 2:
Download - WUM_MegaMapPack_v6.0(Installer)
- Unlocked all Multi-player Levels
- Maps [Textures] Fix
- Added: 5 New Multi-Player Levels
- Added: 3 [Map Packs] - [1. FullPack] [2. WUM+W3D+W4M+WFUS] [3. WUM+W4+Authors]
by: (WUM) = Used Standard Map Files
by: (W3D) = Used Custom files From Worms 3D
by: (W4M) = Used Custom files From Worms 4 Mayhem
Map Pack [FULL PACK] List of Maps
1. 1001 Fights
2. Accuracy Challenge
3. All Systems Oh no!
4. Arabia Test (by: W4M)
5. Building Site Saboteurs
6. Carpet Capers
7. Chute To Victory
8. Desert Oasis
9. Destruct And Serve
10. Diner Might
11. Doom Canyon
12. End Of The Line
13. Escape From Tree Rex
14. Fast Food Dino
15. Ghost Hill Graveyard
16. Gibbon Take
17. Hard Days Knight
18. High Noon Hi Jinx
19. Hold Until Re-worked
20. Jet Pack Challenge
21. Joust About It
22. Main Frame
23. Mike's Secret Laboratory
24. Monster Bash
25. Navigation Challenge
26. Nice To Siege You
27. No Room For Error
28. Pesky Little Breeders
29. Re-Submission
30. River Boat Harbour
31. RobIn The Hood
32. Sneaky Bridge Thieves
33. Sniper Rifle Challenge
34. Statue Defend (by: W4M)
35. Storm The Castle
36. Terminal Ferocity
37. The Crate Escape
38. The Land That Worms Forgot
39. The Windy Wizard
40. This Game Does Dragon
41. Time Flies
42. Tin Can Wally
43. Towering Infernal
44. Traitorous Waters
45. Turkish Delights
46. Tyranno Saw Us
47. Unsporting Behaviour
48. Valley Of The Dino
49. Worminkle University
50. Wormwigs Big Rig Jig
Worms 3D Maps:
51. A Good Nights Sleep (by: WUM)
52. A Leek in a Vegetable Patch (by: WUM)
53. Alien Juice Suckers (by: WUM)
54. All Cooped Up (by: WUM)
55. Apple Core Island (by: WUM)
56. Atlantis Training Facility (by: W3D)
57. Beautiful Balloon (by: WUM)
58. Beefcake Breakfast Brawl (by: WUM)
59. Costa Del Danger (by: WUM)
60. Crate Britain (by: WUM)
61. Crop Circle (by: WUM)
62. D-Day (by: WUM)
63. Down in the Dumps (by: W3D)
64. E3 Multiplayer Demo 1 (by: W3D)
65. Earn your Crust (by: WUM)
66. Falling For You (by: W3D)
67. Flowers (by: W3D)
68. Grave Danger (by: WUM)
69. Helter Skelter (by: WUM)
70. Hide and Peek (by: W3D)
71. High Stakes (by: WUM)
72. Hold Until Relieved (by: WUM)
73. Hook, Line an Skimmer (by: WUM)
74. Ice, Ice Maybe (by: WUM)
75. In Space, No-One Can hear You Clean (by: WUM)
76. Jet Pack Challenge 2 (by: W3D)
77. Movie Mayhem (by: WUM)
78. Nobody Rides For Free (by: WUM)
79. One Small Step... (by: W3D)
80. Plaice Holder (by: WUM)
81. Ragnarok and Roll (by: WUM)
82. Return to Chateau Assassin (by: W3D)
83. Rum Deal (by: WUM)
84. Schools in for Summer (by: WUM)
85. Shiver Me Timbers (by: WUM)
86. Showdown at the OK Corale Reef (by: WUM)
87. Submission (by: W3D)
88. Super Sheep Challenge 1 (by: W3D)
99. Super Sheep Challenge 2 (by: W3D)
90. Take My Cherry (by: WUM)
91. Team17 logo (by: W3D)
92. Test Tubes (by: W3D)
93. The Crocketeer (by: W3D)
94. The Driving Range (by: W3D)
95. The Mighty Kong (by: W3D)
96. Titanic (by: W3D)
97. To Boldly Go (by: WUM)
98. Tree Village Trouble (by: WUM)
99. Trial of The Damned (by: WUM)
100. When Annelids Collide (by: WUM)
101. Worm and the Beanstalk (by: WUM)
102. Worms Island (by: W3D)
Customs Maps By:
103. Brain (by: AlexBond)
104. Chess (by: AlexBond)
105. Cocons (by: AlexBond)
106. Crazy Roads (by: AlexBond)
107. Christmas Tree (by: AlexBond)
108. Death Staff (by: AlexBond)
109. Earthworm Jim (by: AlexBond)
110. Eiffel Tower (by: AlexBond)
111. Find Fox (by: AlexBond)
112. Fishes (by: AlexBond)
113. Full Lunar (by: AlexBond)
114. Fall of the Warlords (by: AlexBond)
115. Fruits (by: AlexBond)
116. Forest (by: AlexBond)
117. Forts Chess (by: AlexBond)
118. Happy New Year 2010 (by: AlexBond)
119. Hell Zombies (by: AlexBond)
120. Psyduck Island (by: AlexBond)
121. Pirate Sky (by: AlexBond)
122. Rope map 10 (by AlexBond)
123. Snow Flak (by: AlexBond)
124. Sea Mines (by: AlexBond)
125. Statue of Liberty (by: AlexBond)
126. South Park (by: AlexBond)
127. Spiders (by: AlexBond)
128. Stars (by: AlexBond)
129. Sonic The Hedgehog (by: AlexBond)
130. They Sphinx It's All Over (by: AlexBond)
131. Zodd (by: AlexBond)
132. Downtown And Alley (by: AlexGT)
133. Final War (by: AlexGT)
134. Gold Island (by: AlexGT)
135. Old Monastery (by: AlexGT)
136. A Bridge To Far (by: Armageddon)
137. Farm Trouble (by: Flamar)
138. Alien Roping Planet (by: Finnish_Worm)
139. Church of The Hell (by: Finnish_Worm)
140. Giant's Garden (by: Finnish_Worm)
141. Oh My Tetris (by: Finnish_Worm)
142. Pirates Seawar (by: Finnish_Worm)
143. Skys Craper (by: Finnish_Worm)
144. Ski Jump (by: Finnish_Worm)
145. Tree Ice (by: Finnish_Worm)
146. World On Three Turtles (by: Finnish_Worm)
147. War Of The Worms (by: Gladiat0r)
148. Alpha 353 (by: GX)
149. Alien Big Land (by: GX)
150. Angry Planets v2 (by: GX)
151. BnG Hell Die (by: GX)
152. Big Mega Tower (by: GX)
153. Bad BnG Pro Roper 1 (by: GX)
154. Bad BnG Pro Roper 2 (by: GX)
155. Full England (by: GX)
156. Funky Island 1 (by: GX)
157. Funky Island 2 (by: GX)
158. Hard Roper (by: GX)
159. Kombat Worm (by: GX)
160. Lunar Stemps 1 (by: GX)
161. Lunar Stemps 3 (by: GX)
162. Lunar Stemps 6 (by: GX)
163. Lunar Stemps 8 (by: GX)
164. Lunar Stemps 20 (by: GX)
165. Lunar Stemps 23 (by: GX)
166. Lunar Stemps 24 (by: GX)
167. Orange Island (by: GX)
168. Rope Map 01 (by: GX)
169. Rope Map 02 (by: GX)
170. Rope Map 03 (by: GX)
171. Rope Map 04 (by: GX)
172. Rope Map 05 (by: GX)
173. Rope Map 06 (by: GX)
174. Rope Map 07 (by: GX)
175. Rope Map 08 (by: GX)
176. Tower_Tower (by: Lucas)
177. Two_Towers-(P) (by: Lucas)
178. Rope Map 09 (by: Mielny)
179. Hiroshima Disaster (by: Plaice_Holder)
180. Business Jets (by: Plaice_Holder)
181. EI Roper City (by: SamuraiK)
182. Tech Mountains (by: SamuraiK)
183. Atoms (by: Woitek)
184. Japan Express (by: Woitek)
185. Phineas and Ferb (by: Woitek)
186. Santa Coming (by: Woitek)
187. Vulcano and Electro Planet (by: Woitek)
188. Alien Invasion (by: Martin)
189. Fortress (by: Lucas)
190. Pixel Garden (by: Mel)
191. Old Monastery (by: AlexGT)
192. Angry Birds (by: W4Tweaks.ru)
193. Carousel (by: W4Tweaks.ru)
194. BA3 2101 (by: W4tweaks.ru)
195. Flash Memories (by: W4tweaks.ru)

Steam Group
- http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WUMX
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LittleGirlDwarf Feb 2, 2014 @ 5:42am 
Wow, dude, thanx. One important question - will they replace some common WUM map we all play ( in this case ots very bad) or is it just really new maps adn I can choose them to play multiplayer among all others?
GX-980 Feb 2, 2014 @ 7:50am 
all players must have it installed, if you want to play online.
without the maps (player 2, 3, and 4) the game crashes can quickly
WaxXx Nov 22, 2014 @ 7:58pm 
thx man great work
Doodling Hitman Nov 27, 2014 @ 12:14pm 
I assume you need to put the downloaded file within a section of the game it's folder? I dunno where though. Under steam > steam apps > the game > ?

LittleGirlDwarf Nov 27, 2014 @ 1:30pm 
Originally posted by III H1TMaN III:
I assume you need to put the downloaded file within a section of the game it's folder? I dunno where though. Under steam > steam apps > the game > ?

Actually I never tried it. I downloaded this mappack long ago but still didnt put my hands on it to install it into the game. So sorry,H1TMaN, no piece of advice for you -(
Doodling Hitman Nov 27, 2014 @ 2:12pm 
Originally posted by LittleGirlDwarf:
Originally posted by III H1TMaN III:
I assume you need to put the downloaded file within a section of the game it's folder? I dunno where though. Under steam > steam apps > the game > ?

Actually I never tried it. I downloaded this mappack long ago but still didnt put my hands on it to install it into the game. So sorry,H1TMaN, no piece of advice for you -(

Oh well.. Thanks anyways. I just tried several things but the maps don't appear in the game. :(
Doodling Hitman Nov 27, 2014 @ 5:47pm 
I got it to work. I am just going to postthis for anyone that needs some info on this and on how to do it. This is what I did. I extracted the downloaded file into the worms mayhem file.

Just right click the download in your download files or wherever you keep the download. Then extract it to a specific file. Search for the game and extract it to that. It may look like this.

Computer>steam?steamapps>common>WormsXHD (which is mayhem)

Hope this helps for anyone who needs it. :)
GX-980 Dec 12, 2014 @ 6:52am 
new update coming soon.. added: *10* new multiplayer levels......
Cpt. Waddles Jan 25, 2015 @ 1:12pm 
you are doing god's work op. From all my searching i've never come across a means of developing maps or converting w4m maps for wum - all i want are more maps <3
GX-980 Jan 27, 2015 @ 7:43am 
Originally posted by DucklingsQT:
i want are more maps <3

want more new maps - http://w4tweaks.ru/forum/121-2175-1

no easy.....

WUM Map Pack v2.0 is ended, no more new maps, sorry

You need editors to making a new maps for WUM
- W3DMapEditor v2.4
- W3DIconEdit
- Xom_View v2.9

Cpt. Waddles Jan 30, 2015 @ 1:37pm 
I have to replace maps to do this though, correct?
as from what I've read the w4m techniques dont really work for wUm, or am i just mistaken - there isnt a ton of documentation on this lol

EDIT: oh i didnt read the forum post- tks m8
Last edited by Cpt. Waddles; Jan 30, 2015 @ 2:50pm
schame Jan 31, 2015 @ 7:58am 
very nice
GX-980 Feb 1, 2015 @ 12:04pm 
Originally posted by DucklingsQT:
I have to replace maps to do this though, correct?
don't not replace any map data, you make *error* and game will crash

here is tutorial: how to add new map for WUM

  • WormsXHD\Data\Maps\yourmap.xan
  • WormsXHD\Data\Maps\yourmap.txt
  • WormsXHD\Data\Maps\yourmap.hmp
  • WormsXHD\Data\yourmap.XOM
  • WormsXHD\Data\Frontend\Levels\yourmap.tga
  • WormsXHD\Data\Tweak\Scripts.XOM

Edit: i am making new update for WUM MAP PACK :d
Last edited by GX-980; Feb 1, 2015 @ 12:05pm
Doodling Hitman Mar 7, 2015 @ 2:08pm 
OMG I CAN'T WAIT! You're a God OP! :D
GX-980 Mar 12, 2015 @ 1:45pm 
Originally posted by III H1TMaN III:
OMG I CAN'T WAIT! You're a God OP! :D

95 Maps included this update.... :D XD
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