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Chronon 2013年3月29日上午5:16
Darn, no achievements >__<
I rarely finish games anymore so I'm more into playing games with achievements. (Plus my Steam collection has grown too big when it comes to beating everything...)

When was the last update? Just wondering if there's any chance for this to support achievements later on. There's also possibility that they can't be implemented due how the game was made. Any idea on that?
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Rainbow Dash 2013年3月31日下午3:28 
a good game doesnt needs achievements

grown with great games only unlocking characters/weapons/misc stuffs and EasyGameStation's games are like these games good by themselves

so no there is no achievements for Chantelise, last update was a bit long ago, and it's probably better if they never adds achievements
AskingForTrouble™ 2013年11月4日上午8:55 
Don't mean to revive an old thread, but my opinion's too strong for me to ignore.

The best games have achievements; while character growth, item unlocks and excellent replay value are vital to any good game, achievements show that the developers went the extra mile to make sure gamers get the most out of their purchase.

For me, the best possible games have steam works support, cloud support, full controller support, mod support (for patching what the devs couldn't) and, of course, achievements for not only making sure I've done everything, but letting everyone else know too.
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Rainbow Dash 2013年11月4日上午9:23 
that's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Chronon 2013年11月4日下午5:36 
I have some games which save games I don't have anymore but still some of the achievements showing how far I got. Permanent completion indicator is quite fun feature
DesuMaiden (freudxxx) 4月9日上午11:55 
I would like to see achievements on this game to, but unfortunately it doesn't have any.
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