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[AJM]AlphaElite2 2013年12月23日上午3:24
has this game a lot of bugs?
I will buy this game. But i would like To know if the game has a lot oft bugs
最后由 [AJM]AlphaElite2 编辑于; 2013年12月23日上午3:24
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Malachyte 2013年12月25日上午2:26 
I have not encountered a bug yet, and I have over 25 hours of gompay logged. However, I do see reports from other users now and then, so I think you'll run in to them here and there. The most gamebreaking bug seems to have been sorted out though (one that affected saves).
nichell 2014年5月19日上午7:27 
Remember, there's no such thing as a bug free anything. Afterall, games are just like any other computer program. They're written by us imperfect humans! ;v)
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