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[AJM]AlphaElite2 2013年12月23日 3時24分
has this game a lot of bugs?
I will buy this game. But i would like To know if the game has a lot oft bugs
最近の変更は[AJM]AlphaElite2が行いました; 2013年12月23日 3時24分
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Malachyte 2013年12月25日 2時26分 
I have not encountered a bug yet, and I have over 25 hours of gompay logged. However, I do see reports from other users now and then, so I think you'll run in to them here and there. The most gamebreaking bug seems to have been sorted out though (one that affected saves).
nichell 5月19日 7時27分 
Remember, there's no such thing as a bug free anything. Afterall, games are just like any other computer program. They're written by us imperfect humans! ;v)
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