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Bluedot Jun 6 @ 3:16pm
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I'd like to discuss a trade with you. Added you on Steam.
Harry Furrybottom Jun 27 @ 12:25pm 
Will trade Poker night at the inventory
๖ۣۜℒ₳1₩ℛعℕʗƎ Jul 31 @ 10:31am 
Unless you have 2 accounts i didn't see it that you had it. So would you please kindly close the discussion so it's not missleading. And or if you do still have it I would like to talk to you about it, if indeed that is the case.
QuintSakugarne Jul 31 @ 11:23am 
^ There is an option to hide gifts.
Bluedot Jul 31 @ 5:45pm 
It is some sort of bug that resulted from having it since the 2011 holiday sale or some such, the previous person also said the same thing, so i went and took a screenshot. Never heard back though. I happened to be on mobile at the time, so this is what the screenshot was:
QuintSakugarne Jul 31 @ 5:59pm 
No, I think it's a privacy setting.

For example, I have a gift copy of 100% Orange Juice in my inventory, but you shouldn't be able to see it. I think.
Apokaladle Aug 10 @ 6:49pm 
If you have it, I might be interested in a trade.
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