Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

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A Reference Guide to your Customers
作者: Loli-Khan
A basic guide outlining to Recettear's daily and special customers including their pricing prefrences and item likes...
Don't Fear The Atmosphere
作者: OrbitalBliss
A visual guide to making fast easy adjustments to your shop's atmosphere to maximize customer attraction....
Getting your game on: How to get through the story mode the first month
作者: You Never Go SGDQ
Quick tips and tricks for getting through your first month...
Market Math Revealed
作者: OrbitalBliss
This guide blows up the skirt and rips back the curtain on this game's market math. If you want to enjoy the haggling and bartering in this game... you probably want to avoid this guide. Following the percentages within will yield you maximum profit wit...
Simple Guide to pay all debts and reach endless mode
作者: Misfiring
I notice many players are having trouble paying back debt starting on week 3 or so, when the payment gets substantial. This guide will help those players without bogging things down with spreadsheets and data....
Weekly Debt Repayment
作者: Marona
Need to know ahead of time how much you need to pay?...
Tips para pagar toda la deuda (o como no terminar en una caja de cartón)
作者: Eoleo
Algunos tips rápidos para poder pagar la deuda dentro del primer mes y no terminar viviendo en una caja de cartón....
Complete Walkthrough (In Progress)
作者: Ziltch
This guide will be a complete walkthrough from Day 1 to Day 36 laying out the plan for how to unlock everything in 1 run, as well as general tips and tricks. (Currently in v0.1) Have suggestions? Share them!...
Sell at any price and always "Just Bonus" (+30 EXP) Hack Tutorial
作者: Wambo
This is a guide how you can hack the game so you can sell items at any price (500%++ xD) and always get the "Just Bonus" which gives you extremely high exp (+30). This is also a great way to instantly get the max reputation from a character per trade. ...
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