Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

drowZebra 2012 年 8 月 17 日 7:19 PM
How can I manage to beat Recettear on one loop?
I think would be helpful if someone could explain the finer points on how to beat Recettear on one loop. I'm especially talking about the 200,000 pix installment.
I've already beaten the game at this point, but I'm going to leave the discussion here as help for other players.
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AvG 2012 年 8 月 17 日 9:54 PM 
The best way to go about this is to ignore the dungeon options after the tutorial that forces you to go there. It uses up two slices of time and the drops are not very valuable even with a heavy time investment. Focus instead on purchasing items from the local markets, swords, armor, and food. Also recommended is getting pins, which upgrade your customer wallet sizes. Try offering most of your items at 104-105% Initally once you make enough money to survive the next installment.
drowZebra 2012 年 8 月 18 日 7:35 PM 
Okay, I'll give it a go.
Smartnik 2012 年 8 月 19 日 11:24 AM 
AV_G101 發表:
The best way to go about this is to ignore the dungeon options after the tutorial that forces you to go there. It uses up two slices of time and the drops are not very valuable even with a heavy time investment.
Eh, I'd say the dungeons can be worth it. Later dungeon drop high tier items and you can usually craft rather expensive stuff from the gathered ingredients. It does take a while, though.
Even though, I have to agree, better to just sell stuff during the story, it's safer and less time consuming.

I'd actually recommend offering stuff around 120% mark, give or take 10% depending on the customer, your reputation increases fast enough without the pins. Buy as much of blue stuff and sell as much of red stuff as you can. Don't buy any of the items for shop customization, including vendors - that was the sole reason I didn't have enough money for the final payment.
I was lucky to make it through 200000 my first time but I couldn't get past 500000.
Globrpfts 2012 年 9 月 5 日 9:10 AM 
If you want to dungeon make sure you are confident in your skills, as making a whole run is usually pretty good time investment.
When it comes to the shop part, try getting long chains of bonus exp ( sales on 1st offer ). Dont get greedy and you should easily sell stuff ( also remember that few items wont sell for the ussual percent early in the game, like thankful statue might not sell well in 2nd week for lets say 128% - the safe rate for guildmaster, since they wont have that much cash yet).
After getting to lvl 15 or so, you will be able to upgrade your shop, get vending machines and sell all the items that you have gotten when they were on the price drop. This way you can double dip from your clients easily.
Ill add stuff when I think more about it.
Kodora 2012 年 9 月 6 日 3:10 PM 
Early game I keep a rather strict regimen of run the shop, then go out shopping, then dungeon. Next day, I sell whatever I have to sell (save the fusion ingredients), then go shopping/fusing, then dungeon. Rinse repeat.

This gives a two-day turnaround time between getting the ingredients, fusing an expensive item, then selling it, but you're
1. selling stuff every day
2. selling at 100%+ margin, useful early game when you don't have much to invest in stock and the events haven't started running.

Give yourself a good early start, and it makes the next round that much easier. I've managed to get 30,000 within the first week, meaning I only had to get an extra 10,000 the next week and everything after that would go toward the week after. Again rinse reapeat; it stacks. :)

Another note: Some won't agree with this method, but if you want to make it even simpler to get it in the first loop, you can use saves to engourage the game results. I have a two-save cycle: save1 on the beginning of the payment week, save2 every time I'm about to go into a dungeon. If I don't get the amount needed by the end of the payment cycle, I can reload to get the entire week to try again. Same with dungeons: if I die, I can reload save2 and hop right back into the dungeon.

Oh, also: if you want to go the metadata route, a good amount of info on customers, their percentages, and other stuff can be found at this wiki:
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Proxy Pause 2012 年 9 月 8 日 9:51 PM 
>Keep your most expensive stuff in the window
>sell for 110% unless they're a cheapskate
>buy for 50% unless they're a cheapskate
>sell reds for 200%, buy for 90%
>sell blues for... low? I tried to avoid selling blues like the plague. I had to go as low as 60% to SELL one.
>try to stock at least 2 of every item class (cheap stuff tho)
>shoping in the afternoon is best as you can hit both the market & the guild while they're open.
>Try to stock enough to get through till the afternoon of the next day, wasting time stocking up is almost as bad as breaking combos from not having items people request in stock.

don't be shy about reloading if you muck up a sale or break the exp combo. Leveling up and getting shop upgrades is a good way to move more inventory and thus gaining more money. Remember, you're buying stuff for 50% from npcs and 70%? from stores so even giving it to people AT VALUE earns you 30-50%.

I would avoid dungeons entirely if you're worried. using up 2 blocks of time to get a bunch of items worth less than 1000 isn't worthwhile especially later on where you can make 50k or more in a single time block.
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UU 2012 年 9 月 13 日 12:08 AM 
Go for da Combos ALL DA WAY!!..
kick those damn stingy little girls out of your store!!
(On a serious note, learn what each customer's price % is about, and never go above that, unless you're selling an expensive item)
Yuga-Suggah 2012 年 10 月 30 日 1:51 PM 
I'm on day 25 with 300k right now. First time playing. Of course, I am the kind of guy who plays games like this for 4 game days, quit, start again, quit, and then start again. That and I have played Atlier a few times so.... I have an unfair advanatage.

1.First of all, do not believe the Fairy's lies. You should always sell around 108% to 115%ish. The guildmaster guy ussually goes for 125% and the oldman goes for about 120%. The girl goes for around 108%. Just remember to adjust, but adjust quickly.

2. Also, try not to haggle the price. You gain more experience Just+ if you constanstly sell without haggling,

3. Keep making good sales. The more sales you make, the more willing they are to buy more expensive things.

4. I actually always go to the dungeon the first time. I am really lucky with items.

5. Afterwords, you always want to sell at least once everyday. Unless you have made quota and want more dungeon items, you want to make more money all the time. That said.....

6. If are running low on items, get more. Do not have a half stocked store unless you are selling really expensive stuff.

7. Later on, items will have random booms. They can last for 1 to 3 days. Ideally, you want to have a couple boom items on sale. A boom item can sell for around 230% to 266%. If you can manage to get a two item pre-request on a boom item, STOP EVERYTHING AND MAKE SURE YOU CAN SELL. I have made 100k in one shot around day 15. Seriouslly, take advantage of these booms.

8. Maded items can make you some money.

That's it for me.

AceofSpadesXIII 2012 年 12 月 13 日 9:05 PM 
AV_G101 發表:
The best way to go about this is to ignore the dungeon options after the tutorial that forces you to go there. It uses up two slices of time and the drops are not very valuable even with a heavy time investment. Focus instead on purchasing items from the local markets, swords, armor, and food. Also recommended is getting pins, which upgrade your customer wallet sizes. Try offering most of your items at 104-105% Initally once you make enough money to survive the next installment.

ok i treid this (just bought the game) and it works. had over 100k left after the last payment
Repeats 2012 年 12 月 20 日 11:52 AM 
I have completed the original story in 1 loop. Like other people have suggested, the best way to progress is by getting combos every time. Your Merchant Level is the most important thing to level up and after 20 you start buying the 30-50k items a piece. Unless that one girl that sells things for 300% minimum comes in, there shouldn't be any reason why you can't get the 120 point combo for each sale each time you open shop. Always sell for 105-110% and always buy at 60-70%. Once the customers get bigger wallets, they will start to want the higher end stuff whch means more money for you.
KADZO 2012 年 12 月 24 日 6:41 PM 
cearn 2012 年 12 月 25 日 5:21 AM 
Another 1-looper here. I've gone with the sell at 105-110%, buy at 60-70% as well, following the tips on ye olde forumme. I also have the recettear wikia[] open at all times, usually on the Atmosphere[], Categories[] and Fusion[] pages. As the others have said, combo like crazy to level-up fast, both in the shop and in dungeons.

Some other tips:
  • Because there's so many hidden variables, this is somewhat of a guide dangit[] game. Use the wikia.
  • Keep track of hearts manually. The hearts indicate customer rep, which effectively stands for bigger budgets. Unfortunately, the game doesn't track hearts for you, so you have to do that yourself. Apparently, rep increases faster with near-pin/just-pin bonusses.
  • I would recommend visiting dungeons from time to time (but not too much), for high-priced loot and fusion ingredients. Also, completing some dungeons unlock more adventurers, which means more customers, which means more monies. At the very least complete Jade Way.
  • Watch the news for item crazes/booms[]. If you stuff the display cases full of those items, you can sell 8-10 items in one timeslot. And it's not just about the money, but merchant XP as well.
  • You can keep out Euria (the 300% scam artist) by never unlocking her in the first place. To do that, don't go to the town square after you reach 100k. However, this would also block unlocking other events that happen there.
  • Vendors. You can only have so many transactions per timeslot, but vendors allow you to sell more. Even though the price is fixed to 100%, the quantities at which it sells more than make up for it. Now, you may think it's best to put low-prices stuff in there because vendors don't sell at a mark-up, but once you have enough stock, you'll find it impossible to sell all of it over the counter, and a sale at 'only' 30% profit is better than no sale at all. The various shop decorations (wallpapers, etc) and vendors are great for this. As an obscene example, I've had a few booms for holy items recently, which includes the 200k Checkered Floors. On these days I've sold roughly 45 of them, 10 or so over the counter and the rest through vendors. I almost made 10M that day :D
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Jyudie 2012 年 12 月 28 日 12:09 AM 
I'm a 1-looper .. I'm actually pretty terrible at getting combos and I focus quite a bit on dungeoning. (My end game shop keeper level was only 15 :() Even so I made the final payment with over 200K pix spare and lots of items. These are my tips
- begin stocking up your shop with dungeon items, if dungeon items are poor.. do 10 or more floors at once. Keep certain items that are valuable for fusion (such as charred lizard and special inkwell)
- Louie will go with you even if you can't afford his payment, so take advantage of this and stock up on items before going to dungeons. Another benefit for doing this is because going to dungeons takes up a whole day anyways, while restocking by going to the market takes up one unit of time. By doing this the one unit of time can be spent selling instead of buying.
- take advantage of booms, I often sell at 266%. I usually buy at 51% for normal items. Sell at 120-130% for most customers on normal items. I try not to sell blue items at all. Keep your shop well stocked so as much of these booms can be taken advantage of as possible!

I guess raising shop keeper level is a priority for most so.. I don't suggest selling as high as I do, lol. Just know it's possible to complete the game in one loop while doing lots of dungeoning!
Wesker Frank 2012 年 12 月 31 日 8:50 PM 
I just enjoy the game and I don,t care if I fail the first time. You keep all your lvl and Items if you fail aniways :3

Just lose the money and adventurer cards
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