Mew~ 2013. okt. 5. @ du. 9:38
This game is awesome!
I still love this game, 2 (almost 3!) years after I gopt it from the christmas steam sale in 2010.

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SanguineTear 2013. okt. 6. @ de. 12:58 
Yup, I'll second that. Cost me all of $5 and yet I sank more time into this game than almost any other period. Stupidly addicting and fun. Loved Fortune Summoners too.
Azuhe 2013. okt. 9. @ de. 2:00 
Well, this game is funny, but sometimes hard! :(
Wayne 2013. okt. 17. @ du. 4:21 
I love it too, though spent $20 on it. I've been hoping for a sequal for a long time and the latest news mentioned there is another game coming. I couldn't figure out much information about it so if anyone has any please let me know. Just stared playing once again after a couple of years and glad to be back in the action. Wish there were mods. I would love to do my own voice acting and add various items.
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