Kawaii Melon 2013年10月3日 13時56分
Title screen wont stop cycling through
like i said the Title screen wont stop cycling through, the selection just keeps moving as if i was holding the down arrow down, making it un playable.
if anyone could help it would be greatly apreiciated
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FairyCabbage 2013年10月3日 15時08分 
I've had similiar problems. I find that if you press the key that appears to be stuck (in this case the down arrow) it usually fixes it.
reikken 2013年10月3日 18時36分 
I get this problem when I try to use my laptop volume hotkeys (Fn + up/down). Pressing up/down doesn't fix it. But opening the Steam overlay does, for some reason.
gard doge | downloadmorefps.com 2013年10月9日 21時19分 
Any more information on this? I just encountered this problem and pressing the "problem" button nor opening Steam overlay help.
Kawaii Melon 2013年10月9日 23時37分 
none have fixed it yet
gard doge | downloadmorefps.com 2013年10月10日 8時43分 
Darn. That being said, I have found that the problem seems to be isolated to specific computers. I can't run it on my primary desktop, but can play just fine on my laptop. Not sure why that is though.
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