Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

I can not Charme.
I'm sure that for people who can; Charme is great, but I can't use this adventurer. Not early on anyway.

I get Charme pretty early, but even then by that time I have leveled Lou so far ahead of her that I would just as soon pay the extra pix if I have not already spent most or all of it that day.

Charme has rubbish defense without gear found/bought later on, and by that time I will have passed her over for someone else if I don't just stick with Lou the entire first month.

I cannot get the timing for her defensive ability consistently, especially under pressure when it is actually needed. Her low... *ahem* "No" defense combined with her dash speed is a combo for failure in my hands.

So what if others are slow compared to her? I'll take a (relative to her) stone wall or a tank over trying to speedrun dungeons and just wasting far more time failing than I would gain if I was good at using her full potential.
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