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curly_nuts 9 set 2013, ore 19:54
I'm loving this game. Steam needs for JRPGs. I was so happy when I read that XSEED is porting Legends of Heroes 1 and 2 to Steam.

In any case, this is a really fun game. I hope they keep bringing these type of games to Steam.

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SanguineTear 9 set 2013, ore 22:47 
Honestly, at first I made the mistake of judging a book by its cover and didn't think this game would be good, but after well over 100 hours of gameplay I think it is safe to say my opinion has drastically changed lol. Such an awesome little game, for just $5 (on sale, which seems to happen pretty often). If you haven't tried it yet I'd also highly recommend you give the demo of Fortune Summoners a try. I loved that game as much as, or maybe even more than Recettear. But definitely try the demo before buying...if you don't play many fighting games or other games that require good timing, you might find it very frustrating.
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