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Suika Ibuki 9 ago 2013, ore 22:26
Getting unknown store lag, need help.
I recently upgraded my monitor from a 1280x720 to a 1280x960, upon setting Reccettear to this resolution(it was previously at 1024x768), any store dialogue has been producing a large frame-rate drop. Selling items has become a chore due to it.

I tried disabling all store related things, but it seems only the dialogue is slowed. I am running on windows vista and had no problems with Reccettear before the resolution change.

Again, everything else works fine. I can do dungeons at a steady 60 FPS and everything, only chat dialogue while selling items in my store drops my game to a crawl.

Please help. I really enjoyed the merchanting and this really impedes that part of the game. :'(
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gard doge ♠ 18 dic 2013, ore 10:44 
So I know that I'm super late to this, but are you still experiencing this problem? If so, what are your system specs?
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