Shatty-Buns 9 Ago, 2013 às 14:21
How long does this game last?
How many 'months' do you go through before the house is paid off? What is the coin total to completely pay off the house?
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SanguineTear 9 Ago, 2013 às 17:04 
There are 5 weeks with payments of 10,000; 30,000; 80,000; 200,000; and 500,000 respectively, bringing the total payment to 820,000. For questions like these you should look to the Recettear wiki as it pretty much has all the answers:
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Whylooze 25 Ago, 2013 às 8:26 
This game will last forever because it's awesome! =D
Severstarr 26 Ago, 2013 às 3:07 
After completing the 5 weeks of payment, there is also an Endless mode (to do whatever you want without having to make payments), New Game+ (a minimum of 7 are required to obtain every item), and a Survival Mode with two difficulty levels (in which you are forced to make payments every week until you [inevitably] are unable to meet the rapidly increasing payments).

The length of a day can vary greatly depending on what you're actually doing (A day spent adventuring will obviously take you much longer than a day of shopkeeping / shopping.)

As for how long the game can potentially last, I'm currently at 130+ hours with 90% completion.
I haven't even started playing Survival mode yet.
Mactabilis D. DefendeR 30 Ago, 2013 às 3:46 
I have barely started the game, but now I know that I have to look forward to more than 130 hours of gameplay! >.< *that's a lot*
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SillyRabbit 1 Set, 2013 às 18:16 
It took me a slow relaxing 6hours to finish the weeks to payoff the house loans and at the moment just enjoying endless mode. Spoiler Alert! Pleay the other modes to see a few more new characters! *Cuteness in a Game Is a Never Ending Game For Me* So all the best and have fun always! X3
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