BlackRainbow 2013年8月8日 0時11分
Anyone want to trade this game for another of equal pricing?
The game was recently on sale for $5. I figure some people may have an extra copy to trade, so I'll kick it up a few bucks and buy a game or games adding up to let's say $8 to trade.
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Sockets! 2013年8月8日 15時11分 
i'll trade a copy for 3 tf2 keys if youd like to purchase them from the market. Addme if you want to trade.
最近の変更はSockets!が行いました; 2013年8月8日 15時12分
Pielord 2013年8月8日 19時13分 
Don't buy it for more then 2 TF2 keys.
wentzelitis 2013年8月8日 19時38分 
are you still looking for recettear? i'd trade it for max payne 1 + 2 on sale on gmg with voucher
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