groundloser 2013年8月4日 21時55分
How can I keep Euria out of my store?
she always brings useless stuffs and demands tremendous amount of money and breaks my combo as well.
I hate her sooooo much
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Obamin-Sen 2013年8月4日 22時25分 
Nope, the only way you can stop her from joining the list of your customers is avoid the town square after getting 100k gold, but this will stop you from activating other events.
dilworks 2013年8月4日 22時53分 
She loves gaudy stages.

Just make your store as lame and PLAIN as possible (add a bit of darkness for lulz) and she will never put a feet in your store again.

But if you do so, Alouette will not come back. Also say goodbye to Charme. And possibly to the housewives and litte girls.
ToadyWartface 2013年8月5日 12時14分 
If you have a vending machine, she will purchase from that. I don't know if this stops her from talking to you personally, though.
Kog 2013年8月5日 13時06分 
The best way is to avoid the event that meets her in the park between morning and noon. But if you accept her deals and level her up (the herat thing that pops up after a sale) then her may offer rare items that can be used for crafting or for the encyclopedia entries.
Eiyuu Ou 2013年8月6日 10時17分 
She is a pain in the ♥♥♥ to the combo streak but just deal with it - there is no way to keep her out without losing other customers or missing events. Once you've paid your debt and go into endless start purchasing from her as she sometimes sells items that are hard to find even in dungeons. She will accept 210% without a problem and after that you can lower your offer as you earn her respect but she won't go under 100% (ever). Good way to fill the encyclopedia when you are swimming in pix.
Solar 2013年8月6日 11時45分 
The developers intentionally left out a way to kill her... Despite the fact she is a monster.
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