sikcool 4 Ağu 2013 @ 11:01am
Best way to deal with powerful items?
When i get an item that i want one of my adventurers to have, what is the best way of handing it to them? Should i put the item in the shop window and hope that they want to buy it, or should i keep it in my inventory, so that i can give it to them before quests?
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Abyssshy 4 Ağu 2013 @ 1:47pm 
well if you want them to have it on em at all times without haveing to equipt it in the dungeon then you shd try sell it to themif your able to get 2 of the same weapon keep 1 in your invo and 1 on on store display that way you cover 2 bases ifthey wanna buy a weapon or just buy it from the store display also means you wont have to take it off the display if you wanna go into dungeons and use that weapon and still havnt managed to sell it to them
dilworks 4 Ağu 2013 @ 4:20pm 
The big problem with high-tier items and adventurers is managing to get these to actually buy them. Placing those high-rank one-of-a-kind hard-to-forge items on display is risky, as someone else can get in and buy them instead of the target adventurer (for example, how many times Arma didn't come inside your store and picked ANYTHING at random!? Then there she comes, picks that fancy Rocket Glove that you were saving for Elan... and BAM! You lost your fusion result there). And unless you're the perfect dungeon farmer and have the best customers ever willing to sell rare items on each round, you're not going to fuse Rank 2 weapons every single day.

So for those my strategy is simple:
- Loan. Yes, you lose loot slots for your quests, but at least your adventurers CAN get to use your fancy weapons/armor/charms.
- Wait a few weeks until they come and place a order for such class of items. Sure, you have to wait... and wait.. amd wait. But it's less risky that way, and you ensure that your adventurers buy ONLY the items suited for their categories.

Adventurers can be sooo dumb at times :P
FairyCabbage 5 Ağu 2013 @ 2:22pm 
I honestly think you should equip them with before a dungeon instead of trying to sell it to them. If you dispaly an item that you only want to sell to one adventurer, it's a pretty high chance to attract the attention of another customer before the adventurer asks for it. It also puts you in an awkward position where you either sell the item, or break your chain (which is the worst thing ever). If they put in an order for the type of item, then it would be fine to sell it to them then. It takes a bit of extra time to equip them for each dungeon, but I would say it's worth it for the added safety.
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