Himeko Inaba 2013년 7월 31일 오후 9시 58분
I only want 1 save, how do i delete the other saves?
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jihadboy2 2013년 8월 1일 오전 2시 04분 
go to your recettear folder and delete 'save' file
be sure to delete the file you want
Ryuu-kun 2013년 8월 1일 오전 6시 02분 
There's only one save file containing all save entries(and a backup).
Recettear savefile editor can do this but shhh :).
Also i don't recommend using only one save, it's not a roguelike, i recommend using about 12 entries in round-robind fashion - that's 3 days with different time of day.
Severstarr 2013년 8월 2일 오후 6시 33분 
If you ever plan on playing Survival Mode, you'll need multiple saves anyway. Just save over them then.

Personally, I keep 4 save files:

- Endless Mode / New-Game+
- Normal Survival
- Survival Hell
- Endless Mode Back-up
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