Himeko Inaba 2013年7月31日 21時58分
I only want 1 save, how do i delete the other saves?
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jihadboy2 2013年8月1日 2時04分 
go to your recettear folder and delete 'save' file
be sure to delete the file you want
Ryuu-kun 2013年8月1日 6時02分 
There's only one save file containing all save entries(and a backup).
Recettear savefile editor can do this but shhh :).
Also i don't recommend using only one save, it's not a roguelike, i recommend using about 12 entries in round-robind fashion - that's 3 days with different time of day.
Severstarr 2013年8月2日 18時33分 
If you ever plan on playing Survival Mode, you'll need multiple saves anyway. Just save over them then.

Personally, I keep 4 save files:

- Endless Mode / New-Game+
- Normal Survival
- Survival Hell
- Endless Mode Back-up
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