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Bioman11 30/jul/2013 às 19:24
Euria's Sea Carpet (Encyclopedia filling)
I'm beginning to wonder if this item exists at all. I've been buying Euria's goods at near pin for some time now to raise her reputation. She sells me the Ocean Wallpaper and Seabed Floor, but no Sea Carpet yet.

Does anyone know how high her reputation has to be before she sells it to you? I'm beginning to run low on cash...
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SanguineTear 31/jul/2013 às 0:43 
I am not too sure. I bought it from her but don't remember when, but what I can say is it does not cost very much though, I think it is like 12,000 pix so I don't think she should have to be too high. What I had trouble with was the freaking bassmaster. I just recently got the stupid thing. If you are running low on cash and haven't done this yet, buy vending machines, and put vending machines inside of vending machines. I make a ton of money off of that personally.
Bioman11 31/jul/2013 às 9:11 
I usually use the Checkered Floors in a vending machine, but that works too! The price on it is low, so I'm thinking that the RNG is just screwing with me. I suppose I could just see what she sells over the course of a day and then reload and repeat. The bassmaster was rare for me as well! I'm up to 91% and I'm hoping to finish this soon. I really hope Steam doesn't add cards once I reach 100%.
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