Wilson 2013年7月28日 18時59分
Combat help!
I just bought this game during the summer sale and i ahve no idea how to use the other spells calliou or louie has :(
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SanguineTear 2013年7月28日 19時07分 
The "C" button is the default button for switching skills, and "X" activates the skill. You can change it if you want by right clicking Recettear in your library and launching the configuration tool, and can also set hot-keys up for instantly using certain skills.
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Wilson 2013年7月28日 20時16分 
Thanks much appreciated!
SanguineTear 2013年7月28日 20時50分 
No problem =)
wafflecakes 2013年7月28日 21時34分 
I think all of their games use the zxcv keys, so controllers are useful
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