Background 2013년 7월 25일 오전 2시 41분
Why didn't this game get cards?
I'm just curious. It probably would have guaranteed a "hot" Steam sale. Anyone know?
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KrayolaBlue ʡ 2013년 7월 25일 오전 9시 05분 
Idk. But It's up to the devs. Maybe they just havent got around to contacting valve about it.
Placeholder 2013년 7월 25일 오후 3시 36분 
I was wondering the same. I just got it in the summer sale and have been playing it a bit so I was hoping I could get some cards.
Euclid 2013년 7월 28일 오후 10시 04분 
Because valve hates moe.
LastSide 2013년 7월 30일 오전 10시 08분 
Great question! Its a good game and is pretty easy to play hrs and hrs on end without getting bored.
Background 2013년 7월 30일 오전 10시 11분 
Euclid님이 먼저 게시:
Because valve hates moe.
Summonernova 2013년 7월 30일 오전 11시 47분 
about 170 games have cards now. it definitelty would be great if the devs did decide to add steam trading cards to the game
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