cearn 2013年7月22日上午2:01
Last sales day : Recettear 60% off [20130723 : sale's over now]
Just in case people have missed it, Recettear is currently 60% off for another 8 hours. The Carpe Fulgur bundle is at -75% even.

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Abyssshy 2013年7月22日上午4:13 
I recommed getting it now you never know when the price will drop again good luck to you all.
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Loliconvict 2013年7月22日上午7:27 
While i'm pretty sure i've seen it lower than 60% it doesn't get that much off very often. If you want it i'd buy it now.
!Sirex! 2013年7月22日下午8:33 
I bought it and it is awsome
Boomhauer 2013年7月23日上午12:02 
I was hoping to buy this game during the summer sale as it has been 75% off many times in the past. However, this year, it was a constant 60% and only went down to 75% during a flash sale early on.

Which of course I just so happened to miss as it was during that 3AM-12PM (PST) timeslot. I had a glimmer of hope when it appeared on community choices for 80%(!) off but sadly it lost by 8% of votes.

Now I have to wait for the random 75% off sale Recettear always seems to have.
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