Ŝåм ٩๏̯͡๏)۶ 2013年7月21日 11時01分
Recettear an Item shop or the collection bundle?
This game is 8 dollars a extra 4 dollars for 2 games is it worth it or should I just buy this thanks :)
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currypunch 2013年7月21日 12時22分 
12 bucks is a great deal! But I recommend trying the demos first to see if your okay with the controls. The other two games are action adventure games that are best played with gamepads imo.
Loliconvict 2013年7月21日 12時31分 
While I don't own Fortune Summoner I have played the demo and do own Chantelise. Honestly unless you love the humor in Recettear and want more of it I would just buy Recettear. The other games are pretty average.
Ŝåм ٩๏̯͡๏)۶ 2013年7月21日 13時55分 
how long are all of these games?
Loliconvict 2013年7月21日 16時04分 
I don't know about the other two but i've got 88 hours in Recettear. You can beat the regular game in Recettear in about 5-12 hours depending on how many dungeons you go to. If you want to see everything in the story though and unlock all the characters you're looking at spending a significantly longer time playing.
SanguineTear 2013年7月21日 17時21分 
I have both Recettear and Chantelise and I would say definitely just get Recettear. I don't know about the other game, but Chantelise cannot come anywhere close to being as good as Recettear. As far as length...that depends. If you just want to do the story, and just want to run a shop rather than exploring dungeons, then it will not be too long. If you want to just play for fun, and try to rack up as much cash as you can, complete all the dungeons, find all the items, or whatever, then it can take up a ton of time. I haven't completed Chantelise so I can't really say how long it is, I only played it for a couple hours before I tried Recettear. Since then I have put 147 hours into Recettear, and have not played Chantelise one bit.
currypunch 2013年7月21日 18時01分 
Ive played recettear for 46 hours, fortune summoners for 33, and chantelise for 13. Fortune summoners is my favorite of the three, though I've played Recettear much longer because there's so much to do even after you beat it. Recettear was super addicting.
Reiko 2013年7月30日 21時13分 
Chantelise took me 24 hours to clear, collecting everything, including the end-game survival dungeon which took me 3 hours to clear. Fortune Summoners also took me 24 hours.
SanguineTear 2013年7月31日 0時46分 
I just recently tried the demo and subsequently bought fortune summoners; really fun game, I'd recommend it. Might take some getting used to though; if you try to play it like a regular hack and slash and mash buttons, you will get your ♥♥♥ served to you on a platter.
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