Bryff 24/jun/2013 às 20:07
Most efficient setup?
I've got 8 venders and the 2 window tables, with the venders selling the next to last items from the merchant guild/market and food, and the windows showing increased price items. The venders makes +8 gaudy, and I found that a neutral shop would need plank walls, ruins or brick floor, red carpet, and barrel tables. AFAIK that's the only combo that works. Presumably that should make all types of customers come in. (showcased items or change one decor for temp desired customer). So, is there any way to make it more efficient?
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Killua 24/jun/2013 às 21:20 
As long as you use cute Carpet you're good to go. :P The dark/light will have higher chances to bring certain characters. Showcasing a candy will have Tielle and even Elan show up almost all the time. Venders won't get you much profit selling items, you sell them at base price in them. I suggest only using 2 of them filled with vending machines or 200-300k floors/walls, and the table put 1-2 of each type of items, tthat way you'll bring more people that wants different things.
Bryff 24/jun/2013 às 21:46 
I thought tear mentioned that you can't sell vending machines in the're saying that people will buy vending machines and decor items from a vender? That would make profit quicker.
So I noticed that almost all the time I would only get a max of 8 customers personally sold to, maybe 9 if it was a boom for some item. I'll do a quick test to see with the venders and the 8 items on the tables.
Edit: Ok one trial of afternoon with my max of 7 showcased and 1 displayed and 8 venders had 6 personally handled customers(3 sells, 2 buys and 1 order), and had 9 things sold from venders, for total of 15 transactions. That is 7 more transactions that are all from selling. Now, it's true that I can make more off of in person transactions, so it really depends on if using less venders increases that amount, while keeping vender transactions the same.
If each item averaged 20,000 base price, each vender sell is 6,000 profit, more for items bought in blue. So those 9 sells got 36000, while potentially I lost 2 sales on displayed items (selling for close to pin at 103%-110%) or at least 230% of red items....
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Ryuu-kun 24/jun/2013 às 22:11
Venders cannot be placed on display to sell to customers; the Vending Machine and SuperVend SDXK56 can only be directly sold to them when they are requesting "something metal".

Before 1.108 patch, they can be placed inside other vending machines for sale. The 1.108 patch fixes this bug.

Recette can also sell them if a customer asks for something metal (except for Old Venders, which aren't metal). Old Venders, however, can be sold when a customer asks for something plain.
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nabeshinx 26/jun/2013 às 23:26 
Crap, sorry about the double post >_>
Ryuu-kun 27/jun/2013 às 3:48 
And double comment instead of editing ;)
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