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Decorating the shop - any point?
Apart from having a store that's pleasing to the eye, are there any benefits to doing up the gaff? For example, adding carpets, wall panels, a picture of Ronald Reagan... (ok, that bit isn't true).
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Short answer: decor changes store atmosphere, different store atmosphere attracts different customers.

Customers are also affected by time of the day.
ได้รับการแก้ไขครั้งสุดท้ายโดย Ryuu-kun; 13 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 3:35am
Remember that Spongebob Squarepants episode where the Krusty Krab looked like a moldy piece of wood and noone wanted to go there? OK, example sucks, but it's the same thing. Atmosphere attracts clients, as simple as that.

Some look for plain looking stores to feel comfortable. Girls like fancy places, and if you want to ripoff Alouette (seriously, YOU WANT!), take note of that (caution - Euria the scam master also loves fancy). Some customers actually look shady places at night.

Eye candy is good for your business, use it wisely - NEVER stick to the same set of decorations! Mix and match.
It's better to balance atmosphere exactly in the middle, so all kind of clients will visit, unless you really need a specific one.
ได้รับการแก้ไขครั้งสุดท้ายโดย Ryuu-kun; 13 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 7:27pm
Remember that episode of Spongebob when Squidward took over so he could impress Squilliam? It was a total disaster until the last minute when Spongebob forgot everything except fine dining and breathing and he turned the place into a place where you can dine finely and breath and everyone was dressed so well and was very pleased.

So if you want to kick out the little cheapo girls, go for gaudy.
And you'll also kick Louie and Elan, in case you prefer them.
Also, remember that episode of Spongebob when Spongebob was first going to be hired at the Krusty Krab but Squidward convinced Mr. Krabs to not hire him and so to not tell him directly Mr. Krabs sent Spongebob to buy something which would have otherwise been impossible to obtain despite Spongebob being like the best fry cook ever and he got that turbo speed spatula and fed all of those anchovies super quickly to the tune of "Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight". If you make your shop comfortable and plain you'll get tonnes of anchovies, but if you make it too gaudy you'll be like spongebob and be the only one who wants that expensive turbo speed spatula that you have for sale, although they'll buy it for a high price.
โพสต์ดั้งเดิมโดย Ryuu-kun:
And you'll also kick Louie and Elan, in case you prefer them.
Aren't they (or at least Elan) low on cash and say no to default prices anyway? Doesn't sound like a big loss to me.
ได้รับการแก้ไขครั้งสุดท้ายโดย Tim Timsen; 15 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 7:05pm
Yea but you want to sell to Louie and Elan to build up your friendship with them so that *this event* can happen.

Kind of like that episode in Spongebob where...
โพสต์ดั้งเดิมโดย cwjakesteel:
Kind of like that episode in Spongebob where...
Stop the Spongebob crap this instant.
Seriously, it feels like Family Guy in here.
I lold at Spongebob "kinda flashmob", never watched it.

I prefer to play at first with Louie, he's tough and easy to control. So, i need him to visit my shop, so i can build reputation with him, so he'll get bigger budget, so i can sell him his equipment, so i won't waste any slots when going to the dungeons. I hardly ever even give him food, usually he survives enough to get his own.
Actually, I read on the Recettear wiki that Louie won't equip anything you sell him.
That's false, i used it.
Hmm you're right. I read the wiki wrong. Well time to sell Louie the blade of evil's bane.
It seems that everyone here tries to assrape poor Louie's wallet.

Yes, he is poor as an empty shoebox at first. Just be nice with him, THEN you can suck his money later several thousand pix at a time.

Selling equipment to adventurers it's kinda picky (as they love to waste their money purchasing stuff that they can't use -like Elan purchasing CLUBS instead of GLOVES!-), so I prefer to wait until they set an order of "X weapons / Y pieces of armor), then I sell them to rock-bottom prices. Yes, you lose money... but then you can recover it anyway with the increased space for loot on dungeons once you don't need to carry extra equipment parts on every mission...
You know how the heart points things work. If I get enough heart points, can I start selling them goods at like 150%? Cause to get heart points I need to sell at like 108%
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